TV Studio Hire

TV studio hire is available in many areas today and is an excellent choice for those who need to film commercials or infomercials, television adverts, corporate promotion videos and other filming. There are many options regarding studio size and amenities that are included in the cost. When it comes to choosing the perfect studio to hire, you will need to take into account your needs regarding your film production. Find a studio that meets and/or exceeds those needs particularly when it comes to cost and equipment included in the hire.

Typically Included in TV Studio Hire

Things that are normally included when you hire a television include among others, a green room, kitchen, makeup room, wardrobe as needed, Wi-Fi access, showers, production office and in some cases even an operations manager. Again, it is essential that you determine what you need with regards to services and equipment before you hire a studio. This will ensure that you are ready to begin filming the day that the studio is available to you. Delaying your filming time because of inadequate equipment and other needs can cost money as well as precious time.

Additional Services

You may find that many TV studio hire packages include additional services or offer these services at an additional cost. Other services that may be offered or that you may find that you need while filming include various film crew members such as camera operators, gaffers, sound recording specialists, production assistants and directors. Equipment hire may also be available for special lighting, tripods and even cameras when needed. Most studios also offer grip equipment as well as props and various scenery choices. If the studio is not the color that you need then you may find that they will repaint it for you for a small additional fee. Most offer repainting in black, blue, white or green which is particularly helpful for those who are planning to use the green screen effect in filming. Catering may also be available upon request depending on the specific studio.

Cost for TV Studio Hire

TV studio hire will likely vary in cost from studio to studio. Depending on what you need, you may be able to hire the studio for the entire day for just around L375. This of course is dependent on the size of studio that you need as well as additional services. Larger studios or those around 2,000 square feet average about L800 for a weekday and can be as much as L1,000 or more on the weekends. If you are concerned about cost then hiring the studio through the week as opposed to on the weekends is a much better choice. If you take your time and do a bit of research you should be able to find the studio as well as the equipment and other services that you need for a cost that will fit comfortably within your budget. Search the internet for websites offering TV studio hire and compare rates for daily and weekly use to find the lowest cost.