Recording Studio Hire

If you are an up and coming musician or band or a music producer who needs time in a studio you should know that you can hire the studio that you need for your recording. There are many places where you can find recording studio hire and some of them offer many different benefits and equipment options. Whether you are a seasoned musician or someone who is just starting out, choosing to hire a studio will allow you to put your music to the world. Recording studios can be used to mix material that you have already recorded, track vocals and instruments, produce demos and other musical capabilities.

What You Should Expect

Recording studio hire is going to vary greatly regarding equipment and capabilities. Before you hire a recording studio it is important that you determine what you need to ensure that you get the right spot. Many offer control rooms that are connected to central live rooms as well as additional recording lounges. The ideal recording studio offers flexible space to accommodate all needs. Studios should be equipped with fairly new technology regarding digital and analogue track stand-alone machines as well as various audio and midi programming on various different platforms. It may be necessary for you to check the acoustics in the studio control room that you hire to ensure that it meets with your specifications.

Equipment Typically Included

Most recording studios for hire offer a variety of needed equipment including a mixing desk, computers and monitoring, outboard effects, headphone monitoring, microphones and other needed tools to produce the music that you want. You should check with the studio beforehand to see just what equipment they do offer. Many can also produce the music that you need and offer a variety of other services. Take some time to go online and check out various webpages from studios or phone them up and ask what specific equipment and services are offered. You need to be certain that the recording studio you hire has everything that you need to produce your music.

What It May Cost

When it comes to cost, there are likely going to be varied rates depending on the location of the studio, the technology used and the length of time that you need to hire. Most offer daily rates that include up to eight hours of recording studio hire time. Four hour sessions may also be available or you could simply hire the studio for an hour or two. Rates typically run around L100 or so for four hours and nearly double that for a full eight hour session. Hourly rates can be as low as L25 again depending on various different factors. Be sure to phone the recording studio and inquire about specific rates or look at various different rates online if you are looking for low cost recording studio hire. You should keep in mind that rates with an engineer are likely going to be a bit higher. The average rate for hiring a recording studio with an engineer generally begins around L350 per session.