Photography Studio Hire

Whether a professional or an amateur photographer, having a studio for certain shoots is often necessary. If you do not own your own studio or have a rental flat for photography sessions, photography studio hire could be very beneficial to you. You can choose the perfect location for your photo sessions and many studio hire packages include much of the equipment that you may need for your shoot including lighting and many other photography tools. Some even offer other services such as a media room for editing and even Wi-Fi access to communicate with clients and check emails. Photography studio hire is perfect for digital, fashion and glamour photography sessions as well as still-life shoots, portraitures and castings.

What's Included

Depending on the studio that you hire you may find that all of your needed tools and equipment are included in the hire cost. Many studios come with still life tables, mulch, bounce boards and other various background essentials including effective lighting. Kitchens complete with coffee makers, refrigerators and other needed appliances may also be included in your cost. There are other essentials and services that may be included in the photography studio hire cost or may be purchasable for an additional fee. Things such as neighbouring workshops for building sets and props, technical assistance, equipment hire such as lights, cameras, laptops and tripods and crew and camera assistance hire are included in the cost for some studios and added at a small additional fee for others.


The cost of your photography studio hire will depend on different things. Factors that you need to consider that help to determine the cost include the location of the studio and the length of time that you will need it. Most offer daily rates although some may provide discounted rates if you book the studio for an entire week. Location affects the cost because people obviously will pay more for a studio is the most convenient location as well as one that offers a quite atmosphere regarding outside noise. The average cost for hiring a photography studio runs around L100 per day, more or less again depending on the location, the length of time that you need the studio and of course the studio owner. Hiring various equipment pieces and tools may also affect the cost. While many studios offer equipment in the daily fee, all do not so you should keep this in mind when hiring a studio. If you need equipment then you will want to look for a studio that offers the equipment that you need. Things like background paper, wind machines, beauty dishes and other equipment can typically be hired for around L10 per day.

Finding the Perfect Photography Studio

When choosing a photography studio to hire you need to first set your budget. Once you know what you can afford to spend you can begin looking for studios in the area that you need that fit within your allotted budget. Take the time to look at a few different studios to find the one that offers the equipment that you need as well as the best location for your shoot.