Glamour Studio Hire

Glamour studio hire is available for photographers who need to take those extra special shots. If you need space for modeling photography there are many studios that are available, many of which offer a variety of equipment and other amenities. Choosing the right glamour studio will depend on your specific needs regarding cost, location and other requirements. Most glamour studios for hire specialize in portraits, fashion photography, glamour photography and other various photo types. You can find various different sizes and layouts available at a variety of different costs.


The actual cost for your glamour studio hire will depend on the size of the studio, the location and a few other factors. Location is a big determining factor in the cost. Typically the more conveniently the studio is located the higher the hourly cost is going to be. You may also find that the equipment provided will be a determining factor in overall cost as well. Studios that offer more updated equipment and newer technology will obviously charge a bit more than those that have older equipment. On average you can expect to pay around L20 or more per hour for glamour studio hire. This cost can be as much as L100 or more per hour again, depending on the location and various other factors.

Things to Look For in Studio Hire

When choosing the best glamour studio for hire there are a number of things that you need to consider. Choice of props can be a very important factor in glamour and fashion photography. Instead of having to purchase or hire props and move them to the studio you can simply find a studio that offers props and various backgrounds for your shoot. Most offer the space and materials needed to create a variety of different sets with props that may include artificial trees, flowers and other plants, military items, wedding equipment, bamboo screens, beds, chaise lounges, chairs and stools along with other modern furniture choices, gardening items, moveable posts and various other photography needs.


Most glamour studios offer a variety of facility features or amenities. Things such as kitchens, showers, changing and makeup rooms, coffee pots, microwaves and other amenities typically come standard in most studios. When choosing it is important that you pay attention to the needs of you, your photographers, models and other crew members. Larger doorways or roller shutters are ideal if you are planning to use larger items such as motor bikes or sports cars in your photo shoots. It is a good idea to take a look at the studio either in person or online if possible to get an idea of the space allotted to you should you choose to hire a specific studio. Other various facility amenities that you may need include office and media space, computer equipment including CD and DVD burning software and various photo viewing and editing software. Take your time and compare various glamour studios for hire before you make your final choice to ensure that you get the facility as well as the cost that you need.