Film Studio Hire

If you are creating a film, making a special newscast or even producing a training video for your corporation, film studio hire can be very beneficial. When you hire a film studio you typically get all of the equipment that you need to create your production. There are many different studios that offer the perfect lighting and other factors needed for filming production. Some provide green screens as well as other photogenic back drops. Choosing the film studio that is right for your filming will depend highly on what you need specifically.

Benefits of Hiring a Film Studio

Provided you find the right studio for your filming needs, hiring can be very beneficial. It can be a very cost effective way to get the filming space and other aspects that you need to create your film. Some film studios provide additional amenities such as green rooms with makeup areas, viewing televisions, Wi-Fi access and various snacks and beverages as well. Many also offer kit and crew when needed. Equipment included in your film studio hire may include cameras, track and dolly, jib, preview monitors and basically everything that you need to create your production. Other equipment and accessories may also be available depending on the studio itself and what you specifically need. Crew hire can include everything from camera operators and makeup artists to directors and caterers. Post production facilities may also be available.

How to Choose the Right Film Studio Hire

It is important that you make note of what you need before you begin searching for the right studio. After all, you simply cannot find the perfect studio if you have no idea what you are looking for. Take the time to jot down the specific equipment, crew and other services that you may need and ensure that the studio you hire offers these benefits. If cost is an issue then be certain that you choose film studio hire that offers the low cost that you need.


Cost for film studio hire will vary greatly from studio to studio. Depending on the size of the studio that you need, the length of time that you need it for and the specific day of the week, you could pay around L350 per day. This typically includes at least eight hours and again varies from studio to studio. Weekend rates are normally a bit higher and there may also be an additional charge per hour for overtime. If you feel that you will need the studio for more than your allotted time then it may be best to hire it for an additional day or for the entire week. Overtime can run as much as L100 per hour in some studios. The equipment and additional crew that you may need can also increase your cost. Editing suites, catering and other amenities can cost an additional L50 or more per day so be certain that you know what you need before you choose a studio to hire to ensure that you meet your budget and still get the amenities needed to film your production.