Dance Studio Hire

If you own a dance company or simply need a place to practice or perform recitals, dance studio hire can be very beneficial. You can find many studios that can accommodate any number of dancers that you may need. Smaller studios are ideal for ten to fifteen people. Larger studios can accommodate up to thirty people easily so you should be able to find a dance studio that is the perfect size for your needs. Dance studio hire is suitable for dancer auditions and rehearsals, casting, photo shoots and even yoga and bodywork. You simply need to determine the specific size of dance studio you need to hire and then begin looking in your area for available studios.

What to Look for

There are a few things that you will want to keep in mind regarding dance studio hire. Finding the right size is important but there may be other aspects that you need as well. The ideal dance studio will feature mirrored walls, sprung flooring, natural lighting and a good stereo system or other music capability. You may also want to look for studios that are laptop compatible and offer Wi-Fi for communicating with clients and checking email and those that have air conditioning, particularly during the summer months. You should also consider changing capabilities. Make sure that your chosen dance studio offers changing rooms as needed. Additional features may include microphones, cameras and other equipment. If you need specific equipment then you should be sure to check with various studios to see what specific equipment they offer in the cost or for an additional fee.

Cost of Dance Studio Hire

The cost for hiring a dance studio is going to vary greatly depending on a number of different factors. The size and amenities that the studio offers will have a direct bearing on the cost as will any equipment hire that you may need. Daily rates can average from L20 to more than L100 per hour again depending on many different factors. Most dance studios offer special daily rates if you book the studio for the entire day. Others may offer monthly and even quarterly rates that allow you to book the studio for a minimum of three months at a time. Weekly rates average around L500 for seven days. Monthly rates typically average L1200 to L1500 and quarterly rates can be anywhere from L4000 to more than L6000. Most offer significant discounts for monthly and quarterly hire so if you know that you will need the studio for a number of weeks this may be the least expensive option. Again, your actual rates are going to vary depending on the specific dance studio that you hire as well as the other listed factors. You can go online and search for dance studio hire in your area to compare the various locations, amenities included and the rates. If you set your budget beforehand then be sure to look at only those studios that fall within your allotted budget.